Lindsay’s 1 Million Kms Celebration Video

Here’s a little video I made to commemorate Lindsay Gauld’s amazing achievement!
This video tries to capture the day of celebrations, the early morning start, the riding along the way and the hosted event at The Forks put on my Paul Jordan and MC-ed by comedian Peter Jordan.

I had the distinct honor and pleasure to ride out (with ‘FatCory’, Vern N. and ‘FatJason’) to Nick’s Cafe in Headingly this past Saturday morning to link up with others to congratulate Lindsay Gauld on his awesome feat of having cycled over 1,000,000 Kms! After a little ‘million candled’ cake (courtesy of Vern & Doris N), a group of us made the ride back into town to link up with more riders on the way to the Forks. There, many more riders braved the -25C temps and rode in peleton style to a waiting crowd of enthusiastic supporters.

It was awesome to see the support and appreciation shown by many close friends, fellow cyclists and many Winnipegers! Close friend and faithful ‘man-servant’ Andy Lockery gave a moving speech, as did other hosts and dignitaries! Lot’s of clapping (muffled by big mitts!) and cheering for a REAL CYCLING HERO! WOW … 1 Million Kilometers (to the moon and back and 1/2 way back again)!!

This video includes some nice pics of Lindsay from various local blogsites (Olympia Cycling Club, WinnipegCycleChick and other interwebs) and my own, plus of course my GoPro HD video footage.

Nate – you are a Stud!

So off I went tonight to check out my newly tweaked Fat Tire Pugsley on the pathways and trails of Assiniboine Park and River.
Besides some panier packs on the rear (with a full load of pseudo-Arrowhead/Actif Epica gear) and a new Nalgene Bottle-Parka ‘Pulltab’ mount (thanks Ian), the big change was a super studded knobby – Surly ‘Nate’ tire on the rear (thanks Morgan and Liam at Olympia):

Seriously … Nate is a Stud!
Why, oh why has it taken me this long to put this tire on my Pugs?!  It is an awesome tire – period!

Compare it to the Surly ‘Larry 3.8’ on the front (similiar to the ‘Endomorph’ that was on the rear before):
Larry is staying up front – for now …

Anyways, tonight was a chance for me to really begin reclaiming my winter riding passion (hopefully form as well!) and see how my gear and clothing choices stack up against some extreme windchill:
Wpg Weather 20 Jan 2013
Saw this on Environment Canada’s site just after I got home from a 4 hour ride (thankfully a few stops at the Duck Pond Warming Shack and Bourkevale Community Centre made it reasonable)!  ‘Winterpeg … Man-its-cold out’ is a good nickname – for here – right now!

Ride Results:
1. Riding in extreme windchill is doable with the right clothing (lots of the right layers) and gear (ski goggles and real winter boots are the only way!)!
2. Nate is a a real stud … if you don’t have one – Get One!
3. Side roads are better than main roads … pathways are ok … but trails are where it’s at – all year round!
4. I love winter biking!
5. Night riding is fun too!

Here’s my ‘Mr Pugsley’ on the trails tonight:
All he needs now is a new Frame Bag and Gas Tank Bag (coming soon courtesy of ‘Muddy Guy’ Anthony via Olympia).
He’ll be heavy like a tank … but sure-footed and up to the tasks ahead! 🙂

Vegas Video Recap

I guess I should close out or recent postings of our trip to Las Vegas by also posting the video recap. I already included the video in my twitter feed but evidently there are folks who don’t follow or at least occasionally look up my twitter feed but do look here who didn’t notice it (Dean).

So here it is…hopefully a paddling specific one will also be posted soon, though I don’t blame you if you’re not really excited about that – flat water paddling is only so eventful even with beautiful scenery. Being there was awesome, but trying to capture it in video is not easy.