Deception Lake Paddling

Great day of paddling Deception Lake over the long weekend, with video proof. What a beautiful country we have.


8 Hours of Falcon Ridge

Well, I had hoped to get in a couple more laps but 40km of riding some pretty technical terrain and lots of rolling hills will have to suffice, and truth be told it was great riding with some great company, on and off of the bike.

Thanks to Deanna for, as always, being the best support crew ever.  8/24 Hours of Falcon Ridge is a quality event and a great way to force yourself to get in more riding than you ordinarily would.

PITA 2013 Success


The goal was to podium, so goal achieved!  Deanna may write up more about the event, but for now a quick congrats is in order.

This was the 2nd year we entered Pain in the Assiniboine and this year we focused on Deanna’s performance while Scott acted as her support crew.  The result was a 3rd place finish and more importantly a lot of fun and pain.

This is a quality event and we look forward to taking part in some capacity again in the future.

Vegas Video Recap

I guess I should close out or recent postings of our trip to Las Vegas by also posting the video recap. I already included the video in my twitter feed but evidently there are folks who don’t follow or at least occasionally look up my twitter feed but do look here who didn’t notice it (Dean).

So here it is…hopefully a paddling specific one will also be posted soon, though I don’t blame you if you’re not really excited about that – flat water paddling is only so eventful even with beautiful scenery. Being there was awesome, but trying to capture it in video is not easy.