What we’re about

A few years back Scott & Deanna decided to formalize their personal fitness training under the banner “TheTrainingCoop”.  They’d blog about their physical pursuits, occasionally compete in Coop colours, volunteer at other events, and generally identify  as a couple who co-0perarted together in their ongoing pursuit of fitness.

Around that time Scott also became certified as a fitness trainer, so the ‘business’ half of TheTrainingCoop was born.

Since then a few others have joined the Coop, some formally, others for the occasionally ride or paddle, or to help with an event, or whatever else is loosely related to our physical fun.  A few of us blog about our latest rides on this site or tweet about how much the last workout sucked (and why that was so good).  All of us enjoy physical activity for the multitude of benefits it brings, but more importantly for the sheer fun of it.

Check out what Scott, Deanna, Tom, Lori, Dean, Kara, Brian, and other friends and fellow enthusiasts and competitors are up to in the blog section, or take a look at the activities we’re focusing on this year on the events page.

We hope to see you out on the roads, trails or water soon!